Municipality Hermannsburg: Location and region

Embedded in a nature that is certainly worth conserving, Hermannsburg is one of the most beautiful regions in the southern Lüneburger Heide. Extensive heathland and forests, fertile moors and clear streams offer rare fauna and flora a habitat. The naturally clean Örtze still today flows through its original river valley and turns it into a blossoming place to relax in and simply feel well.

In the centre of nature Hermannsburg keeps the "golden mean" geographically. Hamburg, Hanover and Bremen with their international airports are each but an hour drive away.

Of the approx. 8,500 inhabitants of the municipality Hermannsburg about 50 % live in the central village, the others in the idyllic districts of Baven, Beckedorf, Bonstorf, Oldendorf and Weesen.

As a village, Hermannsburg is separated into an eastern and western sector by the river Örtze and the delightful Örtzepark. The educational institutions are mostly in the east part, in the west part administration and the main business sector.
There are several industrial estates on the western periphery.