Municipality Hambuehren: Living and education

Hambühren is a municipality embedded in a beautiful forest and field scenery and is made up of the districts Hambühren, Oldau and Ovelgönne, and has some 10,250 inhabitants. The municipality is in the direct vicinity of the district town Celle and has good transport connections to the regional capital, Hanover, which is about 40 km away.

The little ones among our inhabitants are under the best of care in four kindergartens, three of them run by the church and one municipal organisation. Hambühren is well provided with schools, two primary schools, one secondary school, one secondary modern school and a school for the learning disabled.

The schools for further education (grammar schools, vocational training colleges) are available in Celle, at a distance of approx. 7 km. The multi-faceted offers of clubs is rounded of by five sports clubs counting some 3,000 members in over 10 different types of sports. There are many shopping facilities in Hambühren which are well-accessible by the transport connections. The municipality offers a choice of land for the purpose of living and for commercial utilisation at attractive conditions and which can be tailored to individual requirements.