Joint municipality Flotwedel: Location and region

You will look for the village name Flotwedel in vain on maps and you will wonder whether this name is a new creation. No, it is not. It is the name of our joint municipality that is taken from an old definition of countryside, which had almost been forgotten.
The municipalities Bröckel, Eicklingen, Langlingen and Wienhausen have been joined up under this name since 1971.

In the south periphery of the Lüneburger Heide, this region today covers and area of approx. 112 and approx. 11,700 inhabitants.

The economic structure in Flotwedel is characterised by small and medium-sized enterprises, trade and agriculture.

New areas have been assigned for the settlement of new trade and industry and existing areas have been extended.

Modern infrastructure, numerous clubs and well-functioning village communities contribute towards this high standard of living and leisure time in Flotwedel.

Allow yourselves to be convinced!