Municipality Faßberg: Technology and innovation

Faßberg, a high tech location! Aerospace systems are developed and produced in Trauen by the companies DLR (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Luft- und Raumfahrt) and EADS SPACE Transportation GmbH. The Ariane programme of the European Aerospace industry could not have been realised as successfully as it has been so far without the technological contribution from Trauen. However, EADS SPACE Transportation GmbH is currently very successful in another field, or in other words, in a different dimension.

RESUS – an emergency blow system, especially designed for submarines, but also used in other diving devices, is concealed behind this name. In the case of average RESUS does indeed come up with a spectacular but safe return of the submarine to the surface. RESUS is high tech from aerospace for the maritime sector, to put it in simple words, a good portion of missile technology is found in the core of the system. The increase in jobs for qualified personnel points up how successful work is done in Trauen the research and production location in the middle of the Lüneburger Heath which otherswise appears to be so isolated.

Further projects highlight how multifaceted the range of jobs is in Trauen.
A small group of committed specialists is, for instanced, engaged in planning wind power equipment. Furthermore, the most varying materials are tested for safety for aviation and aerospace by DLR in Trauen.

Last but not least – the armed forces make a great contribution to the "other side" of the municipality Faßberg. Highly qualified technicians are educated every year in a large training workshop. It is not only a few of the specialists of the armed forces that are canvassed after their service by renowned manufacturers in the aeronautic industry.

DLR, EADS SPACE Transportation GmbH and the armed forces make one point very clear:
Here, in the municipality Faßberg an example is made how the spatial connection to nature and forward-looking technology team up to a symbioses from which many an innovative idea is yet to develop.