Joint municipality Eschede: Location and region

The joint municipality Eschede with its approx. 6,500 inhabitants is located on the north east side of Celle. With its an area of some 200 square kilometres it is the most extensive and yet the administration unit of the region Celle with the lowest number of inhabitants (only 31 per km² are dispersed over an overall area of 196 km²).

Much of the traditional character of this old cultural landscape has been conserved around Eschede. Large half-timbered farm houses under tall oaks coin the picture of the south heath as in bygone days, too. The people here still live primarily from or with agriculture, forestry and fish farming.
Approx. two thirds of the parcels of land of about twenty small villages and housing areas with their grown centre Eschede (some 3,700 inhabitants) are covered in forests.

The municipality Eschede (4,050 inhabitants), Habighorst (779 inhabitants), Höfer (991 inhabitants) and Scharnhorst (677 inhabitants) belong to the joint municipality Eschede. As on: 01.03.2004

Half-timbered farmhouse in Marwede
Water mill in Habighorst

The area of the natural park south heath is just as extensive and is known for its wealth in species of flora and fauna and which is intersected by wonderful hiking, cycling and riding paths.

Small hotels and inns, romantic guest houses, holiday houses and flats characterise the hotel trade in Eschede. An interplay of extensive forests, humid plains, moor landscapes with native flora, small flowing streams, overgrown heaths are what the guest can expect.

Those who have experienced heath and juniper, natural stream courses and idyllic fish ponds in peaceful beauty will return again and again to escape from the bustle and hustle of every day life into the magic world of nature.