Ducal Residence Celle

Celle – An economic location for you, too

Celle is centrally located. The favourable transport connections make the town attractive as a location. Celle is at the intersection of important European and national highway routes.

We open up the way to every direction with the motorways A2, A7, A37 and A352 in the direct vicinity, with the intersection of the national highways B3, B191 and B214 in the town area and an extensive inter-urban road network. The railroad connection is also efficient. Celle with its IC stop is only 17 minutes away from the ICE intersection in Hanover. Furthermore, there is a direct suburban railway connection to the town and conurbation Hanover and a regional/suburban connection to the airport.

Some 3,400 enterprises with approx. 30,000 on their payroll appreciate the advantages of our location. By favourable general conditions, the town warrants the expansion of its trade and industry.

With 71,500 inhabitants on 175 square metres, we combine spatial manageability with the advantages of a modern, attractive shopping town with short ways. The efficient retail trade brings Celle to the front of the region. Shopping is turned into a true adventure by the quality and diversity of the 600 shops embedded in historical substance.

At the same time, Celle provides extensive education which includes all the forms of schooling, six grammar schools, public and private music schools, vocational training and adult education. The care of the little ones is provide in whatever the circumstances may be and begins in groups with toddlers such as cribs and continues in kindergarten facilities and reaches all the way to the offers made by the youth centre CD-Kaserne.

The business development policy of the town Celle has been promoting companies willing to settle for decades. Industrial real estate held by the town is offered at favourable conditions (Euro 12-14/sq.m) - and is provided with a legally valid construction plan.

Industrial sites are, however, not only available and at the disposal of new enterprises willing to settle, but also at the disposal of local companies requiring space to expand. Celle has come to the conclusion: Satisfied local companies are the best intermediaries for the further development of the location Celle. Administration makes its due contribution by recognising that economic development is a project management task in the sense of a one-stop agency.