Administrative District Celle: Location und region

The administrative district Celle stands for an up-and-coming location full of tradition both to live in and pursue industry in the neighbourhood of the regional capital Hanover.
With its 10 member municipalities and the two towns of Bergen and Celle, the administrative district forms an intact team of a good community with over 178.000 inhabitants on an area of 1,544 sq.m. The catchment area includes about half a million inhabitants. Particularly the location of the administrative district Celle in the charming environment of the Lüneburger Heide makes it interesting, not only for the locals but also for numerous tourists. All the locations have good primary health care and some even more.

Particularly the former ducal residence Celle with its 72,000 inhabitants is captivating with its closed old town centre with centuries-old half-timbered houses and the palace and it supplies the incomparable flair of a ducal residence combined with the advantages of a modern town. But the other locations in the administrative district Celle also have many an interesting discovery to offer, such as for instance the German petroleum museum in Wietze, the extensive heaths in the natural park Südheide, the magical places in the single municipalities of Eschede and Lachendorf, the monastery in Wienhausen and of course, also the heath village Müden/Örtze.