Subsidies at a glance

There are many a possibility to be subsidised at EU, national and state level. The most important subsidies/loans have been compiled in the following

Economic Development is at your disposal to answer questions to these programmes!

1. Subsidy programme: "Community task to improve the regional economic structure" (GA-Zuschuss)

The administrative district Celle is classified as Development Area C in the scope of the development programme "Community task to improve the regional economic structure", GA for short.

With funds from the CT programme

  • investment projects of the trade industry
  • investment projects of tourism

can be boosted by subsidies

A prerequisite is that the planned investment projects create new jobs.

What type of business is eligible for a subsidy?
The investing company must manufacture goods or provide services that can, due to their composition, regularly be marketed supra-regionally (> 50 km radius).

Businesses of the retail trade, agriculture and forestry, mining and transport and warehousing are exempt.
The GA subsidy additionally boosts assets with the exception of:

  • costs for road vehicles
  • second-hand commodities

Amount of subsidy:
The highest subsidised rate for the region of the administrative district Celle can currently be assumed at a rate of 10–18 % of the total investment.

What must you do?
Please hand in your application to NBank or the town Celle or the administrative district Celle, depending on where the headquarters of your future business will be, before beginning with your project.

2. Directives for personnel transfer (Lower Saxony) – Engagement of university graduates

Aim of the subsidy
Help when engaging graduates from universities as junior employees for management and innovation tasks in small and medium-sized enterprises.

Target group
Small and medium-sized companies involved in production, processing and small & medium enterprises the majority turnover of which is made in the range of data processing and editing, research and development services for trade and industry or technical consulting.

What is subsidised?
We subsidise the engagement and application oriented employment of university graduates who have successfully completed their studies in engineering or natural sciences (within limits also economy) and enter a company for the first time with this qualification.

The subsidy amounts up to Euro 550 per month for full-time employment; under certain circumstances up to Euro 900 per month.

Where do you apply?
Applications are made to NBank.

3. Lower Saxony loan

Aim of the subsidy
The furtherance of long-term investments in Lower Saxony and facilitating working capital financing. The loans are given at favourable interest rates that are fixed for the life of the loan. .

Target group
Small and medium-sized enterprises in trade (up to Euro 10 million turnover), new businesses and business people working for their own account.

What is subsidised?
All Investments in Lower Saxony that require long-term funding and can expect a sustained success

Share of funding: up to 100 per cent of the costs eligible for subsidy
Amount of the loan: Euro 30,000 to Euro 1 million

Working capital needs to compensate for liquidity required for growth, to expand business activities.
Share of financing: up to 10 per cent of the last annual turnover recorded (for new businesses related to budgeted turnover)
Total loan: max. Euro 300,000 (new businesses max. 150,000 Euro)

Where do you place your application?
The application is made via your house bankers

4. Entrepreneur capital of the KFW-Mittelstandsbank (KfW SME bank)

New businesses and young companies, growth companies or established companies can apply for long-term subordinate financing for investments from the KFW-Mittelstandsbank. The programmes and conditions are manifold and tailored to meet the varying requirements.

You get compact and detailed information directly from the homepage of KFW-Mittelstandsbank.

Place the application for loans of KFW-Mittelstandsbank with your house bank. Please remember that the application must be effected before you begin with your project.

5. Subsidising research and development projects

Aim of the subsidy
We want to create incentives for research and development activities for new products, processes and services. The collaboration with research institutes, also in a network with other companies is to be intensified at the same time.

Target group
Companies and trading industries, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) – with their headquarters or production site in Lower Saxony.

What is subsidised?
Projects of industrial research with the aim of gaining new know-how on the utilisation of new or considerably improved products, production processes or services.
Financing: Repayable loans or non-repayable subsidies.

Projects of pre-competition development, the aim of which is the implementation of know-how of industrial research in new, improved or changed products, production processes or services.
Financing: Repayable loans or non-repayable subsidies

Pilot or demonstration projects and prototypes for the trial and determination of technical-economic properties in the sense of the development target, if these projects cannot be converted or utilised for industrial applications or commercial utilisation.


Repayable loans or non-repayable subsidies

Where do you place your application?

Place your applications for subsidies with NBank.