Setting up business

You want to set up your own business in the administrative district Celle? An excellent idea!

Medium-sized new businesses are an indispensable prerequisite for dynamics and the stability of our national economy, they earn over 50 % of the total economic output (gross added value) and it is where almost two thirds of all employees earn their living.
Furthermore, 75 % of all the apprentices are educated and trained by them: a true feat!

In addition, new businesses, by offering innovative products or services and exploiting market niches, are often the force behind structural reorganisation.

What is needed is intensive consultation and information!

New businesses are always particularly successful when the entrepreneurs of tomorrow collect their far-ranging information before setting up. The institutions which are relevant for setting up a new business in the administrative district Celle have joined forces under the name Gründungsnetzwerk Celle /Network for new businesses Celle.