Guideline for drawing up a business plan

The business plan – The calling card for your business idea

What do you need a business plan for? A business plan that has been worked out carefully is the foundation for your successful start into business life.

  • On the one hand it assists you in assessing the economic prospective success of your project correctly, and with the help of which your project is structured as to whether it is realisable and profitable, it assesses the risks and alternatives. At the same time your first controlling instrument is developed with your business plan and the budget figures contained therein.
  • On the other hand, you urgently need your detailed business plan for the talks to be held with your house bank at which you want to apply for public subsidies. Other offices of the Network for New Businesses Celle, such as e.g. the Chamber of Commerce and Industry the Chamber of Trade and the Labour Office require your business plan as basis to check the viability of your project.

The Gründungsnetzwerk Celle provides you with a guideline to draw up a business plan as PDF for your free download. (Available only in german)


Guideline for drawing up a business plan (german)

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You can also request the guideline as a printout from the administrative district Celle, Silke von der Kammer, Tel. 05141/ 916-172.