Authorities' direction signs for founders of new businesses

  • Trade registration
  • Labour office
  • Building application
  • Licenses
  • District Court
  • Revenue Office
  • Health Insurance

Trade registration
With regard to the registration of your business please contact the respective regulatory authorities of the municipalities, the joint municipalities, of the city councils respectively. With the trade registration all the other legally required notifications are also fulfilled, i.e.:

  • Revenue office
  • Employers' liability insurance associations
  • Trade supervisory office
  • Chamber of industry and commerce, chamber of trade respectively

Members of free professions (e.g. medical doctors, architects, tax consultants, lawyers, artists, authors) need not register, furthermore, scientists and farmers and foresters. Founders of new businesses in these sectors have to notify the revenue office of their starting up in business.

Labour agency

The labour agency informs you of your business number, if you engage employees and register your business there. The business number must be entered in the social security certificate of your employees.

Building applications
Building applications and applications for a change of utilisation of buildings, and sections thereof, should be handed in to the building authority of the municipality, joint municipality or city council. This is where the preliminary check is made. Finally the entire procedure is presented to the administrative district Celle to make the decision. In the area of the town Celle, the building application is finally processed by the town Celle.


To be able to exercise certain trades a permit, or license respectively, is required (e.g. catering, amusement arcades, security companies). Consultation regarding application process and the application itself are handled in the administrative district Celle, Regulatory Authority (Ordnungsamt), Tel. 05141/9161023 and the town Celle, Trade Department, Tel. 05141/12322

District Court
The district court enters your business in the trade register upon your application if the business is a company in the sense of the German Commercial Code (HGB). The registration must be attested by a notary.

Revenue Office
The revenue office assigns a tax number. You have to answer various questions regarding future sales and profits.

The health insurance also assigns a business number. Please inform the health insurance company/substitute insurance society/pension fund about the employees engaged in your company.