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You found a download and have forgotten where? You need a certain info sheet very quickly? – Then this is where you have to be!
You find all the permanent downloads of this site ordered by category at a glance.

If you want to link your website with the Economic Region Celle please make use of these banners:

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If you want to mock up your work station with the Economic Region Celle now, you can download one of the following wallpapers:
(All files in .jpg-format, resolution 1024x768 pixel and between 70 and 300 kb in size)

Christmas market in the Old Town of Celle
New homes in Bergen
A house in the countryside near Bergen
A summer evening in the district
Living in Faßberg
Pond scenery in autumn
Unser Titelbild
Die Aller bei Wienhausen
Das Kloster Wienhausen